Dare to Love – #PoetryforChange #PoetryChallenge

Dark Alley

When all the world is closing in and fear and doubt hang like rhapsody in enigmatic terror, life becomes a whirlwind that can easily lead you, twisting and turning, down the wrong alleyways; stumbling into darkness even before realizing. Labyrinth of confusion; darkness leading into darkness, grasping and pulling at your legs, tripping you, entwining you, making you stumble, making you fall. Uncertainty follows close on confusion’s heels, making each step more baffling than the last, as you try to see in the dimness, seeking a way out, but paradoxical conundrum leads down unfamiliar avenues and before you realize your mistake, you find yourself entirely lost.

Alone in the murk of restive passages and upon unhallowed ground, you creep in bitter incongruity; as the enemy closes in on all sides, taunting. Two choices face you blatantly: Hide yourself in the unsavory undergrowth or call out for Love. Villains clamor on both sides, seeking exploitation of rash imprudence, derision sharp and caustic, yet tempting intrepidity calls from the shadowy wilderness, luring your brazen boldness until you follow.

Lavish wonders, full of blasphemy; delicious alchemy, wrought with irreverence, toying with your immortal spirit, tattering robes of golden silk spun for you alone as deception breathes contagion. Willing transgression, mortal suffering breeds contempt and blame worse than any torture, more bitter than arsenic. Worthless, reckless, piteous fool; unfit, ungrateful, and filled with greed!

O listen not to your own accusing! Filled with deceit your condemnation is, standing against Love’s every desire to Draw you close, to Lift you up out of the pit of despair into which you’ve fallen.  Your fear and guilt blocks every Blessing Love longs to Bestow.

Turn not aside from Love in sorrow or in guilt. Look not into the darkness seeking sanctuary when Love stands waiting to Hold you and to Restore you. This may seem like blighted perplexity seeking to tarnish thought and cloud sight; yet in your sorrow, lift your head and see Love waiting ever near.  No change is required; no costly alteration is needed, for Love has already Given All that is necessary.

Allow your heart to Love and your soul to sigh with peace.   Walk beside Love, giving of yourself through honesty and integrity and you shall find Blessings and Bounty reserved for you alone.

Streaming Morning Light

Dark Alley Photograph found at: http://www.jenningsbigay.com
Streaming Light Photograph found at: http://www.raysmarketplace.com

Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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