Where it Proud!

I respect Madonna for her musical legacy, but find her decision to try to remain 20 years old a fatal one. One that will detract from that legacy immensely.

Choose to age gracefully, Ladies! Choose not to hide the wrinkles and greys that tell your story of loves, laughs, tears, and fears. Be proud of your accomplishments and wear your years with Pride!!!

Age is a badge of honor that shows you are a survivor; a person of strength; an enduring spirit. Be Proud of that accomplishment and never go under the knife!

Listless Magic Sings within the Gilded Cage,
It’s Golden Bars A-shimmer in stark form,
Like Fortune Standing Mute Upon a Stage
While Blind and Deaf Disciples to it swarm.
Paltry Hangs the Hour of Night in Shade,
It’s Ruddy Glimmer pale and out of Luster,
Like Majestic Dawn Beneath the storm Does fade,
While Pouting Gales refuse to blow or bluster.
Upon this rusting Diadem where Blush once Stood,
Where Rose Hued Passion blazed in fullest Glory,
Now hangs a cowl most drear, a graying hood,
Mute Testament to Time’s Tempestuous Story.
Yet in the Pallid Eye of this declining Glimmer,
Youth retains Sweet Breath in Memory’s Shimmer.




Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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