Blissful Romance- #LovePoems

Blissful Romance

Take my Hand,
Come with Me,
Into the Night,
Sublime and Free;
Courting Passion,
Whisper Desire,
Speak, My Love,
Ignite this Fire;
Gaze Deeply
Into my Eyes,
Feel the Shudders,
Hear my Sighs;
All else is Lost
When You are Here;
Blissful Romance,
When You Draw Near.


Beautiful image by: Andrey Nascimento found at:

4 thoughts on “Blissful Romance- #LovePoems

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you SO MUCH 🙂 I’ve been blogging an even shorter time than you (well, only by one month), and am thrilled to find myself in such amazing company as the other bloggers you’ve nominated. Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU 🙂


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