Rather Remarkable Really- A Look Back at #BnV


Rather remarkable, really.

BooknVolume, otherwise known at BnV, will be celebrating its TENTH Anniversary this year.  Can you believe it?  I surely can’t.  But I thought it might be fun to take a look back over the next few months at some of my early blatherins…er, I mean posts, to see where it all began.  I hope you’ll enjoy the reminiscing as much as I do 🙂

Originally posted August 7, 2013

Two months ago I had exactly two posts on this blog, (honestly…go ahead, check…I’ll wait for you) having just stepped into the shallow end of the blogging pool ( so to speak) ( or maybe I should say so to write?). Just jumped in, gave it a whirl, had a bash, because I hadn’t much to lose, really. (no nothing at all and everything to gain, I’ve come to discover)

Today, I have nearly 200 posts of one sort or another. Two months ago I was posting just once a day, as that was the extent of the inspiration coming forth at the time (because previous to starting this blog, although words have always been my friend and cohort and I’ve always loved writing, I had reached a barrier, relatively speaking, (or literarily speaking, perhaps?) and had nearly stopped writing altogether) (if you can imagine such an extraordinary thing). Today I’m averaging very nearly 5 posts per day (on BnV and also Poets Corner, where I was recently invited to become an author by the Blog owner/creator, Harry) ( an honor, I must mention, I am over the moon about) (and if you aren’t sure what Poets Corner is, please visit the site using the link in my sidebar) (because honestly, if you enjoy poetry you will enjoy this blog).

No, this post isn’t about how many parenthetical comments I can encapsulate into one post (although if it were, I’d be on my way to setting some sort of record already!), but rather to express how inexpressibly marvelous these last two months have been, (regardless of that statement being somewhat of an oxymoron) . The simple fact that Inspiration is now pouring out of me, day and night, night and day, makes me far happier than I truly have talent to describe.

I love words! And losing that connection (there for a while) was devastating; I missed it so much, and although I would try, I’d be lucky to be able to force a few paragraphs during the course of an evening. Now I dream poetry; I spend my morning commute taking mental notes about all the things I could be posting about; I carry my camera with me everywhere just in case that perfect shot presents itself; and I come home after a day of working at the office (which is utter drudgery by comparison!) ( although I do enjoy my job) ( I would just much rather be writing) (I know you understand what I mean) (which is a good thing since, if you didn’t I’d be forced to include another parenthesis here), sit down at my laptop and invent and fashion until the wee hours when I literally have to compel myself to go to sleep (because 4:45am is, quite honestly, an ungodly hour for any alarm to start going off.)

But who would have guessed (certainly not I), that two months after tiptoeing into the invitingly refreshing waters of Blogdom (is that really a word?) (found here at WordPress!) I would be working towards the completion of two books (simultaneously no less!), I would have written more poems in two months than all the others I’ve written combined (since that night, not so long past, when I leaned on my bedroom window and composed my first), and so on and so on and so on…

Consequently, I would like to say THANK YOU…(yes again) to all of you! (who appreciate my particular form of insanity) (Or at the very least, idiosyncrasy) (Or peculiarity) (or my endless nattering), (whichever you prefer) Because YOU have made this Journey so Enjoyable.

And after all, isn’t that the point? To Enjoy the Journey? To Take Time and Smell the Roses? To stop along the way, look around, breathe deep and say (or think) Wow…

this is Rather Remarkable! Really!!

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  1. Such an outpouring (in a good way) deserves a moment of silent appreciation (waiting, waiting, there, it’s up). I loved all your parentheticals, and your joyous spirit. You have found your voice.


    1. Thank you so much Brenda 😉 I love when I can write something and I make myself laugh! I figure If Im laughing, someone else will too ! I very much appreciate the “moment of Silence” 🙂


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