Evoke Harmony- #PoetryforChange #PoetryChallenge

Evoke Harmony

It is not merely an Issue of the Unimaginably Cruel treatment of Another




Feeling Being

Existing with us on this Remarkably Fragile planet

it is a Question

of Whether Or Not

We are HUMAN enough

to Generate Change

that Conveys a Message,

Instigates Innovative Attitudes

and Evokes HARMONY.


In this season of renewal and resolution, I invite you to JOIN ME in Creating Positive Change through poetry.

Whether you opt for Free Verse, Form, Narrative, or Visual Poetry, I hope you will take up this simple challenge to post once a week about something you BELIEVE needs to be changed.

Please use the hashtag #PoetryforChange and spread the word by reblogging and retweeting your post and others with the same tag.

Let’s make the world a better place!

With Hope for Harmony,



2 thoughts on “Evoke Harmony- #PoetryforChange #PoetryChallenge

  1. Harmony is only known by persons having peace in their minds,lives…other than that there is NO harmony…we are what we believe…


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