New Year News – What I’ve Been Upto


Happy New Year!!

I hope you have all had a blessed and beautiful holiday season.  I did, and, after a much-needed break over the holidays to relax, restore and reflect on everything I’ve been doing, I realized I’ve been doing a little too much.

As a published author, I’ve been working on book three of my dystopian fantasy The Mercy Series most of the year. I’d hoped it would be ready by May 2021, but it’s been a slow go and is still not done. …though it shall be soon!!!

Some other things I’ve been doing include taking a Master’s Class from author Linda Kaari Predovsky to learn the business of writing, the skills needed to acquire an agent, and how to achieve a writer’s status that will allow me to write full time and quit the 9-5er.  I’ve also been working on a regency-period romance that is currently 152K words and ready to be broken into parts and queried.  AND I began a non-fiction book exploring those things for which we have no answers, such as the paranormal, life after death, the mysteries of the spirit, music, communication, and other unknowns.

Additionally, I began writing on Medium over the summer and have been working diligently to maintain a schedule of writing at least three articles a week by writing for a number of publications that include ILLUMINATION, Writer’s Blokke, Backyard Church, Coffee Times, New Earth Consciousness, Dancing Elephant Press, and several others.

Other projects I also began include becoming an Inspiration Coach and Positivity Practitioner on Core Spirit, opening a newsletter through Substack, creating another writing blog on Simily, developing a storefront on Tee Public for my inspirational quotes and book covers called Visually Lyrical Inspirations, creating a page on Quora called Fantasy Can Change Reality, and continuing development of my author website.


Top it all off with a lovely dish of COVID, which I tested positive with on Dec 30th and am still recovering from today (cough, ack, wheeeeze!)

Needless to say, the new year has brought revelations, as it often does.  The main one for me is that I’ve been doing a bit too much (Ya Think?!) and I need to Re-prioritize.  So, my New Year’s Resolutions are:

  • Reconnect and Renew BooknVolume

  • Write!!!!  Write!!!!   Write!!!!!!

  • Maintain and Abstain!

I look forward to renewing our connection and learning what you’ve been up to as well.




  1. Happy New Year Morgan! Take a care of your health, because this is most important things and you will catch up the other things with lots of energy.
    I feel so lazy recently 😊
    Get better and good luck in your projects!

    Liked by 1 person

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