Beguiling Love – #FreeVerse #LovePoetry

Beguiling Love

The Night is Full of Stars,
The Air an Invigorating Zephyr.
My Heart Beats fast as I close my eyes and
Think about You, Thinking about me.
Sweet Love, Handsome Man!
My Love for You spills over the barriers of my Heart
And I am Powerless to stop it.
Unimagined. Unprepared. Unyielding.
This Feeling is All of These and So Very Much More.
It leaves me Dizzy and Breathless.
You Smile and my Inner Self Trembles with Pleasure.
You Laugh the Sweet Music of Your Mirth
And My Soul Spins in more directions than I Know Exist.
Your Remarkable Gaze catches mine and my Heart Melts.
Melts, Utterly. Entirely. Completely.
What is this Power You Have over me?
What is it about You that strips me of my every defense
and leaves me Gasping Breathlessly for More?
What is this Control You Have,
That Entreats my Glance to a Blatant Stare
Because every moment I am unable to Drink in Your Male Beauty
is a Moment Far, Far, Far too long to bear.
Depth of Passion and Desire,
Delirium of Emotion,
Wild Disregard for Caution,
Earnest, Blissful, Enchanting Devotion,
These are the feelings Intoxicating Me,
Intoxicating You.
Beguiling Love,
You are Indescribably……



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