#Writers Wanted for Brand New #Medium #Publication

Writers Challenge is brand new and needs YOU!

If you enjoy participating in writing challenges and flexing your literary muscles by taking up an unscheduled and, perchance, unorthodox writing prompt, then you’d enjoy writing with us.

If you’ve learned valuable writing skills from the challenges you’ve encountered along your writing journey, then we’d love for you to share them with us.

If you simply enjoy reading great flash fiction, poetry, writing tips, and want to network with other similarly-minded writers, then you’ll love being part of us.

Writers Challenge is all about the challenges we face as writers and the writing challenges we love to face. Add your skills to our ever-growing community of writers and we’ll enjoy the writing challenges together.

Morgan here 🙂 I’m not sure if you’re on Medium or if you’re interested in broadening your writing reach…or just interested in networking with other writers, but Writers Challenge is currently seeking new writers.

I’ve started this publication on Medium as a place where writers can share the wealth of their knowledge about the struggles we all face as writers. By sharing informative and/or inspirational articles, we will all grow as writers.

The publication will also have regular writing challenges/prompts simply for the sake of flexing our writing muscles and for a little fun.

If you’re interested, please do stop by and comment to join.

You can learn more about How To Join here 

Thanks so much. I hope to write with you there 🙂




    1. Hi Jemiah 🙂
      Yes. The only catch is that you need to be a member on Medium. Stop by and comment on the post that you’re interested and provide your Medium ID and I will set you up as a writer 🙂


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