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On this Most Lovely, Most Picturesque Day,
I am more Thankful than I can Say;
So Dear Lord, I Gratefully Pray,
Thank You!
For all I take for Granted Day by Day:

For Family and Friends who Support and Love;
For Beloved Pets I’m always thinking of;
For, Simply, Running water, Fresh and Clean;
For A Soft Pillow and Bed where I may Dream;
For Tranquil Sleep filled with Peace, not Fear;
For Knowing You are Always Near;
For Work to do, though I may complain;
For Life that is (relatively) free from Pain;
For Loving me, though I Wander To and Fro;
For Sending Challenges so I May Grow;
For the Hungry, Lord, That I may Give,
Sharing My Blessing, so Others May Live;
For Weariness, Lord, So I may Rest,
In Your Presence, Where I am Blessed,
For All these things, and Infinitely More,
For Life in You, that is Eternally Secure.


Beautiful Quote and Photograph found at : http://www.favim.com