Burning Question #3 – What #TypesofWriting Do You Prefer?


Here it is, Burning Question #3. (insert wild, cheering, jeering applause here)

What sort of writing do you prefer to do the most? And, of course, Why? (Please do leave YOUR smoldering answers in the comments section, since this is rather the point )

MY Smoldering Answer: I particularly love writing description and it matters very little what it might be that I’m describing (within reason). In fact, I have a story I’ve presently laid by for a while, unfinished, but occasionally still work on or read over (I know you understand how that works, even though it sounds insane); the story is about two young people living on an island (just to dumb it down to the bare minimums). In this story, I actually wrote an entire chapter…12 single-spaced typed-pages, just describing the island as it passes through a single day and the only “exciting” thing that happens is that a thunderstorm rolls across the island during the afternoon. Sounds boring, yes, but reading it is rather like taking a holiday without leaving your chair.

Description can take a lot of different forms, however, and more recently I’ve enjoyed writing /describing the beautiful, yet often quite sinister, world of Jindaryn in my Novelette “Dark Fey”. Writing these suspense scenes has also become a particular favourite, of which there are many in this current tale.

And being a lover of words, I could, of course, continue describing my fancy for description, but describing such a fancy might lead you to describe my description as a touch more than fanciful.:)



    1. OH I do love when I feel like Shakespeare himself is writing through me, because of the way it flows …those are the nights (generally) when I post about a dozen poems, one after another until, yes, I just cant go on!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂 Its wonderful!!!

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  1. I’m not really a writer, all I could ever express in journals and stuff, was my own emotions or struggles. Deep emotional stirrings you don’t dare say out loud, was all I could ever vomit on a page.
    For reading though, I’m a huuuuge fan of science fiction. I know, sci-fireaders are a Special Class of readers. They’re not really considered readers, they are just slightly more intellectual movie freaks. Which is no lie, I do devour imagery. But the kind of scifi I like, ironically, is actually descriptive. Not much happens necessarily, but it sucks my imagination into a world created by another mind. I find that absolutely wonderful!

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    1. I like sci-fi…but must confess, I lean mostly toward Star Trek ( as previous posts will betray!). I do enjoy writing fantasy though, which is kinda, sorta similar LOL 🙂
      Thank you so much for contributing a Smoldering Answer 🙂

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