With You – #FreeForm #LovePoetry


Love is a Timeless Endeavor. It is not Fleeting or Transient. It does not turn its face away in times of trouble. It does not look backward, wondering. Love Stands Strong. It Holds Fast when mighty waves crash against it and when storms lash upon the shore. Love is not a Flickering Flame, washed by the currents that brush past it; Love is a Blaze, Burning Brightly, Radiating Fiercely, Lingering Long past the Elemental Inferno, where embers Softly Glow through the long night.

Love is not a shadow, lurking, suspicious and mean-spirited; it is not unkind or vindictive. Love Fills the Souls of Two made entirely for each other and offers an Irreplaceable Opportunity to Cherish and Be Cherished.

Love is not self-seeking. It does not look to its own needs, but only to Anotherโ€™s. It Helps, Guides, Protects, and Prays. It Waits long past the expected time of arrival, Never Faltering. It Gives Without Recompense and does not wander when there is little. Love is Stronger Than Steal, yet far more Delicate than a Single Strand of precious silk.

Love does not waver or meander, tasting all the temptations along the way, but Hungers and Thirsts for One Alone. Love is Winsome. Love is Magical. Love makes the ordinary, Remarkable. Love Stands on the Mountain and Shouts to the Highest Heaven. Love Whispers just above Perception, Hoping to be heard.

Love is Breathless. Love is Frenzied. Love is Patient. Love is Willing. Love is truly a Many Splendored Thing.
But Only

When Love is

With You.


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  1. So true Im back after a long period and have posts. i miss all my friends here but woulld like to reconnect. My latest posts are in a way about love – longing for a mother long gone – describing covid 19 as a lover, – explaining the body’s amazing defenses showing how even birds are so like humans in their behaviour, how fish can be as good pets as canines etc. So considering our past interactions i hope you visit and comment morgan.

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