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Where wilt Thou go
Oh My Love,
Where my Soul would not Follow?
Unto the very Ends of the Earth,
Past Orion,
Beyond the Seas of Stars,
Even there I shall Follow Thee,
Oh My Love.

For even as Time
Slips ever onward,
Entrapping and Enwrapping us
In Its Cosmic Web,
My Heart will Seek Thee, Eternally,
Questing after Thy Love,
Desiring only The Touch of Thy Hand,
Yearning for the Sweet Wine of Thy Loving Kiss,
Oh My Love.

In all my Life, as Truest Breath can tell,
I have Known Thee,
Loved Thee,
Waited upon Thee,
Longed for Thee,
Seen Thee in all others, who pale by comparison
To Thy Beauty.
Oh My Love.

Thine is my Heart,
Thine is my Soul,
Given Freely,
Yearning Ever,
Breathlessly Patient
For Thee,
Oh My Love.


Photography found at: http://www.mojan.com