My Love for You – #LovePoetry


My Love for You
is akin to Submersing myself
in the most Exquisite and Complex book,
Each page a Discovery more
Rapturous than the last,
Where I am Hungry for Each Word,
Each Delicious Phase,
Turning page after page after page,
Delighting in what I’ve tasted already;
Beguiled by the Intrigues yet to come;
Captivated by the Mystery Unraveling before my eyes;
Thirsting for more, and more, and more, and more.
My Love for You is like reading my Favourite book,
Impossible to lay aside;
Waking me in the dark of night;
Filling my mind with Fantastical Imagery;
Playing on my Emotions with Deliberate Skill.
My love for You is like the words of the most Eloquent Poet,
Instilling in me an Endless Parade of Sensation,
Shaped by You,
Guided by You,
Lured by You,
Each Page a Treasure far more Prized than the last.
And when I reach the Conclusion,
When the final Phrase is Savoured to the Fullest;
I Close the book,
Sigh Prodigiously,
And Open it Anew,
To Endlessly,
Perceive the Wonder of You.

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original photographer.

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