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The Sweetest Music to have ever Graced my ear,
Is a Jumble of Chaos, Clamor and Confusion,
Compared with
The Entrancing Sweetness of You.

The Loveliest Masterpiece to have ever made me Stare,
Is just a spot of Mud smeared upon Canvas,
Compared with
The Exquisite Masterpiece of You.

The Most Peaceful, Secluded Vale to have ever made me Sigh,
Is a Riotous Turmoil of Psychosis and Frenzy,
Compared to
The Consummate Peace of You.

The Finest Dream to have ever Entranced me in Reverie,
Is a Nightmare of Unspeakable Horrors,
Compared with
The Captivating Dream of You.

Perfection itself, in all its Splendor,
Is but Hideous, Blathering, Insanity,
Compared with
The Unrivaled Perfection of You.