Musings (About a Muse) – #Thoughts on #Inspiration and Nothing at all

So yes, here I am, 1:45 in the morning, wide awake, bursting with words, poems rhyming, chapters swimming, thoughts reeling, images filling my mind’s eye, so I really don’t have any alternatives other than to (theoretically) grab paper and pencil, Ie. My laptop, and create as much as I am able. To paraphrase the Master ( yep, Shakespeare again….don’t roll your eyes, its relevant, I swear!)
When Inspiration comes it comes not single spies, but in battalions! Yes, it certainly does.

There, then, that wasn’t so bad… was it?

I recently told a friend that I have far more uses for the wee hours of the night than I could even conceive of having for the early hours of the morning. I’m a “Night Person”, have been since the day I was born…or rather, the night I was born. 10:45pm to be exact. A perfect time of night! Deliciously dark, bathed in moonlight, yet early enough to still find or create some form of mischief, and not so late (or perhaps I should say early) that the morning is already tinting the horizon with lavender and gray and your head goes nodding…..

She walks in beauty, like the night. No you’re not sleeping or dreaming….but to regain my thread, I am what the Greeks used to call a Moon Goddess, (although I cannot recall ever having been worshipped before), and I am much happier in darkness than in daylight. (When I say darkness, of course, I mean nighttime…)

So my point? Nope, don’t really have one, actually. I warned you about this early on…Indeed I believe it was my very first post. I sometimes just muse, ramble, prattle, and precious little can or does stop me when this happens. I could fabricate a purpose for all these words spilling out of me, but in all honesty, I don’t have one. Just couldn’t sleep. Too much of him in my thoughts, too many what about’s, what if’s, maybe I could’s. If you’re a writer, than I know you can relate, on some level. If you’re not a writer…than I offer my profoundest, most sincerest apologies for what must seem like out-and-out insanity.

As an act of contrition, (as I feel I at least owe you that much) I offer these few rhymed lines…something that just popped into my head. Hopefully, you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

Persuasion by a simple smile
You are all temptation and guile
Entwining me in your most intricate ruse
Day and Night, you are my Muse.

Sorry, that’s all I got…(I told you it just popped into my head!)…my brain is finally spiraling downward, longing for my pillow, and dreams….
(But I promise, I’ll finish it and post it later….)
Night Night! (Oh and Thanks for listening!)



  1. …for many years I lost precious sleep listening to the many words(it started as babble) and still the words grow…


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