Pennies for Every Occasion – #MeditativeThinking for #ChangingTimes

Pennies for Every Occassion
Pennies for Every Occasion

Like Chinese water torture, the steady drip, drip, drip of thoughts in my mind is inescapable, inevitable, irrepressible and yet, I cannot imagine life without the unceasing narrative that runs the (hamster?) wheel of my mind. It doesn’t really matter what I see: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, frightening, funny, or Hallmark-worthy tear-jerking, the window of my imagination opens and the gale force bluster of my thoughts comes rushing in, scattering the gloom of the mundane like inconsequential pages.

Often, I hear the echoes of Shakespeare, words I hold so dear, (but I promise I won’t subject you to again,…not yet) repeating, repeating, repeating with unrivaled dramatic flare. Other times it’s the annoyingly simplistic verse of a song I can’t quite recall, so I keep getting stuck at the quintessential moment and am forced to repeat, repeat, repeat whether I like it or not. (You can relate, I know you can!) Most of the time, however, I’m submersed in the spell-binding thespian exploits of one of my favorite actors, (that moment when the actor steps beyond his customary offerings and reveals something far more indescribable than you ever anticipated) and suddenly I find myself cast adrift on a sea of words and poetic phrases. It’s at that moment that I have a choice. I am forced to either press pause/ignore what’s happening on the big screen, grab a pen/pencil/or reach for my keyboard and scribble/type furiously before the inspiration is lost, or I kick myself later for not having done the latter.

These little treasures of thoughts would fill coin purse after coin purse if I had collected them all as such. Unfortunately however, (and I’m sure you are familiar with this predicament) I’ve kicked myself more often than I’ve jumped out of bed, paused the DVD, or thrown my hands over the mouth of person I’m talking/listening to. Nevertheless, I always have a few pennies lying about somewhere for every occasion and the following is a brief offering…(since brevity is the soul of wit) (sorry, yes, I know I promised, but it’s nearly as impossible for me not to incorporate Shakespeare into what I’m talking or writing about as it is for me to keep the window of my imagination closed and block out the wind!)

Words are spoken, heard, seen, performed, felt and dreamed.

Family is treasure. Gold is just metal.

Love is the most desirable source of pain.

Soul mates know each other, even before they meet.

One is two halves existing together in perfect harmony. Half of one is the loneliest number.

Inspiration mirrors breathing, it happens without you ever thinking about it and is equally as vital.

Giggles breed.

Shadows lurk beneath even the brightest illumination.

Friends don’t let Friends fall down alone.

Loss is just an opportunity for gain.

A child’s laughter is a language every person on Earth understands.

(Please share YOUR Pennies for Every Occasion in the comments cup below 🙂

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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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