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At Your Slightest Glance

You, My Love, Do Fill my Senses
With Golden Pleasure and Tempestuous Desire,
Sending my Shivering Spirit to the Mountaintop
From Where She Cries at the Rising Dawn
All Her Love in Brazen echoes that Spill like Thunder
Down the slopes.

You, Oh My Love, Do Caress my Heart
With Joyful Sighs and Ardent Bliss,
That Plunges my Enraptured Spirit into the Depths of Night
Where She Soars like an Eagle in the Darkling Sky,
Her Love Embracing the very Expanse Upon which
She Dances.

You, Oh My Dearest Love, Do Fill my Mind
With Musings of Temptation and the Sweetest, Tenderest Love,
A Paradox of Delight and Captivation Ever Spiraling inside,
Where my Enchanted Spirit, Imbued with Your Splendor,
Weeps in Ecstasy and Shudders in Delight
At Your Slightest Glance.


~Beautiful Original Artwork By: Andrea Garcia