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Tired of Wasting your Time Trying to Market? Want to be part of a community of fellow creators and READERS who can help?
I’ve created a TAKE OVER group on Facebook you simply MUST check out!

What’s a Take Over?: Simple. It’s a Day where a single Author stands in the spotlight of the group to share anything and everything about their books, characters, websites, offers, promotions and GIVEAWAYS! One full day of promotion, publicity, Q&A, Games, PRIZES, interviews, EVENTS, Live Chats, and FREEBIES ….ALL for Readers!

What the Group Does for Authors: Take Overs Taking Over gives Authors a place to promote their books/products to an audience larger than any other Facebook Group. For an entire day You and You alone get to stand in the spotlight to share anything and everything about your books, characters, websites, offers, promotions, and Giveaways!!

What the Group Does for Readers: Take Overs Taking Over gives Readers a one-of-a-kind place to discover new books and authors, read Free teasers, listen to sample audio chapters, learn about characters, talk with fellow readers, ask the author questions, enjoy fun games and, of course, win all sorts of FREEBIES!!

What Authors do for the Group: Authors agree to support their fellow authors by inviting other authors/writers/artists to join the group. They agree to promote the group to their followers and fan-base. Authors will help shout out fellow authors who are running a Take Over to make their day in the spotlight a HUGE success and in return, will be promoted by all other authors when its THEIR day in the spotlight. The more involvement and support we have, the greater the impact for everyone.

What Readers do for the Group: Readers and book lovers agree to invite their friends to stop by the group to check out all of the amazing Take Overs. What could be better than FREE time with and author learning about an award-winning book, discovering new realms and mysteries, perhaps even learning a new language, and, best of all, winning PRIZES and FREEBIES!

What’s Really Needed? Simple: YOU. Each and everyone one of you, of US, Sharing, Supporting, and Spreading the word. Look, you spend the time marketing every day, right? If we all work together, helping to promote each other and ourselves, we ALL Win 😊

Interested? Stop by the group, have a look around, see what you think. Over 400 have joined in just TWO DAYS!

Take Overs Taking Over Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/874057719817588



Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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