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Silence Sparkles in Charismatic Form,

Endowing the consciousness with Humility,

Reminding All From what we are Born,

As We Linger, Timeless, in Perpetuity.

Traversing Eternity in Glimmers and Thought,

Inspirational Blessing through the lens is Caught.


Whispers Shimmer from Heaven Afar,

Outward and Inwardly Speaking,

Born of the Essence of Far Distant Star,

Belonging to All, While Endlessly Seeking.

Transcending Reality in Twinkling Light,

Beholding Life through the Glistering Night.

This artist's rendering shows a view of our own Milky Way Galaxy and its central bar as it might appear if viewed from above.

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Amazing Photographer. Thank You!