Sisters- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


She pours her Light with Generous Hand
Like water flowing from a living Stream,
Guiding Life while she Gracefully Stands
Upon the Horizon of Mortal Dreams,
Dancing in the Shimmering Glow,
Her Bounteous Grace full Springing
As All Creation, in flux and flow,
Heralds the Blessing her Smile is Bringing.

Her Subtle Shimmer in Gentle Hue
Caresses the Tranquil Cheek of Night,
Whispering Softness, Her Smile Subdues
The clamour bustling in Jubilant Light
Pouring from her Sister’s Smile;
Her own Song Peacefully Swelling,
As Starlight winks in Blissful Guile,
Their Secrets and Stories Serenely Telling.

Sisters Bound by Love and Life,
They Balance and Uphold,
Perpetually Spiraling in Joy and Strife,
As we walk in their Brilliance, Brave and Bold.
Sister Smiling Upon us All,
Watching and Eternally Knowing,
Through our Rise and Inevitable Fall,
Harmony within us is Patiently Growing.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Nadia Strelkina

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