#MusicandMuse – Talisman of Purest Pleasure- #PoetryandMusic


The Space Beyond;

The Realm of Unknown;

Shadows cast upon the void of All that is Seen, Yet not Shown;

Echoes of the Silent past

Singing with the Cryptic Tongue of Time,

Enchantment Whispering of Diligent Rhyme;

Without Measure or Rhythm

Speak of all I don’t know,

Unheard dichotomy of an Intrinsic Show;

Arc of Visible Liquescent Sound

Dancing in the Glow of Night,

Spin your web Beyond these thoughts

Devouring All that was ever Unright

Talisman of Purest Pleasure

Play Your Temptation like Sweetest Treasure!






Amazing Music by Delerium, one of my Favourite musical Inspirations!

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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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