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I am She who Sings on the breeze

Through the delicate green tresses

Of my Sister Trees;

I am She who Waltzes upon the Shore

In Time with Eternity

Hand in hand with Lore;

I am the Whispering Hush of Night,

The Thunderous Splendour

Of New Morning’s Light;

I am the Waking Lavender Twilight,

Stillness Soothing through the

Soft Shifting Light;

I am the Herald of Seasons Turning,

I am the Fervor of Apollo’s Burning,

I am the Kiss of the Silent Stars

Glistening in the Sweet Heavens afar;

I am She who Gives Life,

Breathing Radiance and Mystery;

I am She who walked among

All Verdant History;

Pause and Listen to my Melodic Song!

Close your eyes,

Breathe Deep and Long,

To Know I am She

Who Sings Her Song for you,

Ever Tender,

Ever Passionate,

Timeless and True.



Thank You for these words that Sing from Your Spirit

Thank You, with Humility, that I endlessly Hear it!

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother,

You are The Source, Unmatched by Another!





Beautiful Original Music by: BrunuhVille