An Apology – WordPress Snafu #247643268787643213146467A or ID 10 T Error?


My dear friends.  I want to apologize, whole-heartedly and with some chagrin.

I opened my dashboard today and discovered notifications in my FEEDBACK folder dating back to 2016….yes thats right 2016!!!  Sigh…….

Now, its very possible that these were delivered on time and I simply never noticed, but I can honestly say that I never noticed because, until today, there was never a notification that anything was being delivered into the folder….so I never checked. …..sigh….again.

The sorrow in my heart hurts.  I never meant to ignore you!  I will respond to each one of you…but please please know how sorry I am.    And that I’ll begin checking this folder regularly, whether or not there is a notification from WordPress that someone sent Feedback.

sigh…..I sit here shaking my head.  Please Forgive my ID 10 T error.

With appreciation for all of you!



Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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