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Everything he thought he was, he wasn’t. Everything he thought he understood he had to re-discover to actually learn the truth. Tyler, a 13-year-old who has lost much very early in life stumbles into a shocking revelation that makes such a loss seem inconsequential at best.
Author J R Vaineo has crafted a unique, imaginative and truly fascinating realm of fantasy and magic where things are not as they seem. Readers are taken on an exciting adventure, following Tyler and his companion, Gemma, who seek to unravel a mystery that will ultimately change his life forever.
Cryptic clues and paradoxical numbers confuse and, often, confound both the characters as well as this reader, as the plot thickens. Characters pour out of the pages in droves, and like the many people we run into in our daily lives, some are important and some are just there to fill the void. I might have liked a glossary to help keep the multitude sorted, but having read Charles Dicken’s Bleak House (where there are more characters then you know what to do with) the imaginative array was not overwhelming. They added to the complexity of the tale and gave a true-to-life feel to the story.
Kings of Muraine is the first book in The Journals of Ravier and end with a perplexingly pleasing puzzle that points readers to part two, Hunt the Dragon Within. Thrilling and bewildering at the same time, this is a tale readers will find as difficult to put down as it is to unravel. Recommended for readers who love to not see what’s coming next!
Behind the Story with J.R. Vaineo

Let me tell you a little about the beginnings of creating this story. I’m thirty years old now. But the idea for The Journals of Ravier series started back when I was fifteen. It was in the Fall, the first week of school. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention I was homeschooled K – 12th grade. Though not an ideal way to grow up, as I spent a lot of time alone, I survived. A lot of things happened, prior to school starting that year. I was never the same. This story helped me to stay sane, during a time in my life when I was lost and lonely; hurting so, so bad inside. I needed an escape. And I got it through writing that first horrible, ugly draft in a spiral-bound notebook. It’s true what the battle-scarred authors say. First drafts are never pretty. The original story began with something like this: ‘What if horses had wings, and could fly? A boy once found this horse, and he named her Angel. He found her in the woods by his home. A boy named, Tyler Craven. This is their story.’ Not a good beginning, I’ll admit. But it was a beginning.

In 2005, around the time Hurricanes Katrina then Rita hit, is when I made the start. It was such a sad year. Yet a good year. Lovely Texans opening their hearts to their Louisiana neighbors . . . that was a beautiful thing. Recently home from a lengthy visit to Texas, my heart was bursting with so many emotions. Through it, I found a love for writing. And here I am, fifteen years later. My third book will be out, at the end of this year or sometime at the start of 2021.

In 2013, I changed the focus of the story. I made it better. Closer to what it is now. Caucasian Tyler Craven became Tyler Malik Ravier—half Caucasian, half Iraqi. Angel was renamed to Awngelic and then finalized as Awngeleik, similar in sound to the name of Angelique. I won’t even mention what Gemma Galloway’s name used to be. I will say this, however. Tadashi’s name was Ted! Amira was Gloria. All the characters were Caucasian. But I changed that, in 2013. Started thinking of new things. New names. New storylines. Then I wrote a rough draft, in 2015. That draft became the foundation for the first three books in Tyler Ravier’s series.

I’ve spent countless hours dreaming of the landscape of Muraine, tweaking it as needed . . . I wanted something unique. See, I grew up in a place with few trees around. Southwestern Wyoming. Always took twice as long for trees to grow to a “normal” size. It was a place at risk of droughts, well, quite a lot. Very dry. Unbelievably windy. Lots of snow, in the winter (usually). As you can imagine, I wanted a place vastly different to escape to. A place with lots of trees. Hence, Paragon was born. A model of excellence. The ideal sort of place I’d love to escape to. I later realized it needed a foreign name. Therefore, Pawv’Ragaen it became. I think that was in 2014.

Writing the books in this series has been a wild ride. I never thought I’d be an author. Though I’m self-published, I’m proud of it. Proud of the work I’ve put it. My writing isn’t perfect, but it is heartfelt. I’m honored to be the author, who’s steering Tyler’s story. Being a writer is so many things, really. I hope the product of my imagination wins you over. And know that I’m just warming up. I can feel it. Tyler demands that more be said than what the three books contain. And who am I to stand in the way of an amazing story being told through his eyes? Truly, there are days I simply feel like the characters are writing the story. That I’m their voice. Lol! I feel what they feel. I laugh with them, cry with them, cheer for them. As they grow, I grow. Not the other way around. Being a writer has changed who I am, as a person. I’m better, kinder, stronger. I actually like who I am. I didn’t, before. I simply existed. But that’s not living.

In parting, I must tell you . . . if you want a dream badly enough, chase it. Don’t give up. Just know that it takes time. Persevere.


J.R. Vaineo is a self-published indie author, residing in Salt Lake City, UT. In 2018, she published her first book: Kings of Muraine. When she’s not writing, she and her husband, Jessie, have many adventures together. Mostly in cooking, hiking, photography, analytical talks, and fawning over their two adorable fur-babies.

While J.R. Vaineo writes mostly fantasy fiction—combining elements of epic, portal, paranormal, and dark fantasy—she enjoys reading all genres; except, perhaps, for horror stories. After finishing a creative writing program, through the Institute of Children’s Literature, she continued to improve her craft of writing. In 2013, she graduated with her AA degree in psychology. During that time, she expanded on many things, especially focusing on what would prove invaluable for fleshing out characters and plot twists. What started out as a writing prompt, in 2005, has now become a nine book series she is currently working on: The Journals of Ravier. Sometimes, she is quite jealous of the characters’ abilities, found within her own writing. If that is a sign of anything, it is this: Obsession.

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