Falling Out of Love with a Story- An #Authors #Insights into the #Challenges of #Writing

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Indie author E. Ozols lives in Alexandria, Virginia, where she spends her time on walks with her dog. Her articles and posts have appeared in Latvians Online, Laiks Newspaper, and Femme au Foyeur.

Ozols’ newest novel, Hope the Little Fox, is already receiving rave reviews. Reedsy Discovery selected it as one of the “best indie books to read this week,” and gushed “With its lush writing and incisive critique of gendered expectations, Ozols’ novel will enchant adventure readers and fans of strong female protagonists.” Reedsy Discovery’s full review, written by Rebecca Reed, was recently featured right here on Word Mongery and Musings.

What was it like writing Hope the Little Fox? E. Ozols talks about it below.

Oddly enough, I don’t remember how or why the initial idea for this book materialized. I can’t pinpoint where I got any of the early ideas for the story. What I…

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