A Reverse ‘View – #Book #Interviews Backwards


Book reviews are a marvelous thing.  For an author, each one is the Holy Grail; an invaluable treasure we are ever searching to acquire.  Yet, I have found very often after reading a review that I want to know more.  Whether the review is for one of my own books or a tale I want to learn more about, I am always left wondering what else the reader thought.

Limited in most cases to under 300 words, reviewers typically choose and use their lexicon wisely, but how do you adequately summarize a daring adventure, sweeping romance, or beguiling mystery of over 100K words with so few?

Being a creative problem solver, I have thought about this repeatedly, wondering how to free the reviewer of the constraints of social media attention spans and give them the opportunity to pontificate pleasingly and profusely.

Here enters the Reverse ‘View.  Note the apostrophe, please.  It’s placement is intentional. Not only does this title indicate what you are about to see or read is not what you might anticipate, but it denotes, in this case, the omission of the letters INTER.

How often have you read an author interview? Come on now, be honest; how often have you actually read the entire thing?  I confess, I’m as guilty as most, but what if I interviewed YOU?  We do it all the time.  We ask each other what we thought about the movie we saw over the weekend, how the restaurant we went to compared to others; we even ask each other about books we’ve read.

We interview each other.  So why not interview READERS about the books they’ve read?  This is what you want to know…not what the author wants to tell you to make you buy it, but what the reader thought.  Was it good or an epic failure?  Did you read it all in one weekend because you couldn’t put it down? Why? What made it so good?

Now, imagine if YOU could read the reader’s interview and then ask them whatever it is YOU want to know.  It a nifty notion, not? (Ok, I love alliterations, but ‘lest I digress..) Enter the Reverse ‘View.  An interview of a reader.  An interactive interview! Interested? (sorry, it was right there!)

Before I lose you…In the coming weeks (and months, depending on how much YOU like them) I will be posting a series of Reverse ‘Views.  Interviewing readers about books you may or may not have ever heard of… and giving YOU the opportunity to ask them questions too (in the comments, of course!)

I hope you will enjoy them.  I hope you will join them.  And, of course, ultimately, I hope you will read them 🙂






Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer and Artist.  Thank You.

Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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