Memory – #Metaphysical #Poetry for #ChallengingTimes


Memory of Elden Days
Whispers of Forgotten Time
Breeze of anticipation Dancing
on Under-stated Rhyme
Chance encounter of Recollection
As Chivalry unfolds
Granite apparition rising
from palisades untold
Memory of Yesterday
Wisp of Unspoken Lore
Unheralded Remembrances
Echoing evermore


(So often we forget what we should Remember
Time and place whispers, softly, silently,
And though history repeats itself
We barely heed what we knew
and know not what we forget to recall.)






Beautiful Original Photograph By Anne McKinnell


8 thoughts on “Memory – #Metaphysical #Poetry for #ChallengingTimes

  1. This is beautiful. I have been revisiting the series Tudors on Netflix, the time of Henry the VIII. This poem and the picture reminded me of England at that time. History does repeat itself. The parallels are uncanny currently. Great share😊

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      1. Yes do!!! I’m on the last season and I’m sad. I will have to find another series from that period. I love the way they speak to one another. Excites the poet in me, such expressive language yet such barbaric behavior lol

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      2. I agree, I am usually very inspired when I watch period pieces. And sadly there aren’t that many good ones.

        If you like Shakespeare, look for The Crown. its a melding of several of his plays with an excellent cast including Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch 😉

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      3. I agree completely!! I think I will start it, I have considered it off and on for sometime now. Definitely. I’m almost done with The Tudors. Thanks for the recommendation!


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