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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a LIVE Radio Interview.  Chat and Spin Radio, a UK Based Internet Radio Broadcaster invited me to share a little bit about myself, my books, and why I wrote them.

Did I mention it was LIVE?

Yes, Live!

Me! 🙂

Oh boy, was I nervous…I was pacing around the place two hours ahead of time.  Why?, well, I’ve never spoken in front of upwards of a half a million listeners before! :O

Yes, half a million!

Ok, it was only 5 minutes, but still, it was the most nerve-wracking and exciting 5 minutes of my life…..

PHEW!   It was a joy, it was terrifying, it was amazing!

And yes, that’s a lot of exclamation points, but I really do mean all of them.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload the nifty video I created (If I do say so myself) to share the interview.

So I have only one option, but to share the link to the video (which is on Facebook)

I hope you will pop by and give it a look/listen.

Chat and Spin Radio Live Interview

And if I haven’t mentioned it in a while….THANK YOU!  Because without you, this would all be fairly pointless, now wouldn’t it?