The Cloisonne Brooch – A #5Star Journey into #History #TimeTravel and #Mystery


The Cloisonne Brooch is a captivating tale encompassing the ‘here and now’ and the ‘what once was’ that will keep readers of historical fiction, mystery and even romance turning pages long into the night.  So often historical fictions are set in the time period in which they are based, but with The Cloisonné Brooch author Kat Drennan has created a magical formula with time-travel at its heart.  Shifting seamlessly from present to past and back again, readers find themselves as intertwined as the characters Tessa and Kindra become as the compelling layers and intrigues of the story unfold.

As mesmerizing as it is historically accurate, Drennan gives us an unforgettable view into the life of a female slave during a period in history that differs greatly and yet is hauntingly similar to present day.


The Cloisonné Brooch is missing. Tessa holds the key. Forces outside her control are closing in.

When Tessa Madigan finds ancient gold jewelry sealed in the walls of her uncle’s old house, she opens the door to an ancient past and a an old enemy.


Kat Drennan is the author of this remarkable tale. born and raised in California, writes sensual stories from the heart of the Golden State. From the curling surf at the edge of the continent, to the granite sculptures of the Sierra Nevada; from San Francisco to Death Valley and all the way to the Mexican border, California’s unique landscape and history step forward as characters in each of her novels. She lives in Ojai, California with her husband, a sweet wiener dog, and two controlling cats. When she’s not writing, she’s taking advantage of the Golden States beautiful weather biking, swimming, our enjoying her favorite Mexican food.


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