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If you don’t already know him from the uniquely amazing poetry he posts on his blog, I’d like to introduce you to Braeden Michaels.  He is an American author and the creator of Deconstructive Literature. Within the whirlwind of his mind, he teases apart the human creature: emotions, passions, and perspectives. Dissects, then rearranged them for rare display. He is featured in “Static Dreams Volume 1 Anthology of Twisted Minds” with the short story “The Cancerous Affair.” He will also be featured in the upcoming poetry collection “The Poets Symphony.”
What, you may ask, is Deconstructive Literature?  I asked the same thing and this is what Braeden told me:
Deconstructive Literature is a poem with a pattern. The pattern used is for emphasize to bring out the meaning of the poem. Also more often I use abstract analogies or phrases in this type of writing to lure the reader to reflect personally.
The inspiration comes from types of poems such haikus and sonnets. I’m not a personal fan of those types of poems so I wanted to do something different and perhaps be a pioneer in the literary world.
Where do you find Inspiration, Braeden?
I seek inspiration from all over. I get them from images, lyrics, and stories. The process isn’t the same because I want it to be challenging and unique. Sometimes a title will come first.
What are you currently working on?
My work in progress is “Stella Walker’s Acquaintances.” This is collection of character poetry. This compilation is made up a people we all know – family, friends, and perhaps co-workers. Most of us have a few close friends and the rest are acquaintances. This body of work forces us to look at humanity a bit different.
The Raven’s Poison will be released April 25th. Pre-orders will be available. The book will be available on Lulu, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and iBooks.
Here’s a taste of Braeden’s Poems:
And the Rain Turned into Snow
I glanced at my downfall in the acidic winter
She was as soft as the twinkling moonlight
I became irrelevant and indescribable
She was a reverent Queen of sympathy
I whispered into the breeze of photographs
She ignored my questions and messages
I dangled prudence in front of her audacious smile
And the rain turned into snow
I caught her elegance within her web of lies
She drifted like a fog in the early morning
I harbored her senses and dry intellect
She suspended truth like a balloon
I distinctly surrendered with a white flag
She dug her nails into my silence with spite
I fell into her callous and frostbitten hands
And the rain turned into snow
I placed my feet in the porcelain sand
She wrapped her insensitivity around my neck
I shrugged off her fatal resentment
She carefully arranged the fragments
I sat between the disposition and danger
She neglected the candle in the dark
And the rain turned into snow
The Raven’s Poison
Once upon a midnight fear
She took a sip of corrosion
Debilitating manners and quirks
Fumbling through a frenzy
Gliding inside hallucinations
Staggering outside the commotions
A recollection of mourning
Stern exchanges melting
Comments and remarks growl
Sentiments dressed in black
Treasures whispering hush
Ripping dead skin with caution
Crumbling faith turns into dirt
A recollection of mourning
Hunger flexing with animosity
Greed panting with saliva
In holy matrimony with the raven
She tasted the hollow bitterness
Numb and disgusted by the poison
Infuriated with the toxic rants
A recollection of mourning
Provoked by exasperation
Anxiety wrapped around her neck
Choking on sour corruption
Addicted to the murmurs
Inhaling the virulent winds
Wounded by a malicious tongue
A recollection of mourning
A catastrophic touch bellowed
Infatuation hung as a disaster
Benevolence was a chewed up dog bone
Loneliness exhaled rapidly
Sympathy was a an old rag
Love was just mucus from a cough
A recollection of mourning
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Thank you so much Braeden for sharing your unique perspective on poetry with BnV 🙂  Cant wait for the Book!
Are you a writer/Poet who has a unique perspective on writing or inspiration?  Care to share your story?  Contact me via my contact page for opportunities 🙂

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