Creature of the Rustling Sea- #Romantic #Fantasy #poetry


Trade my Heart for any Notion,
Rocking Amidst the Breathing Ocean.
Dreaming in the Midnight Hour,
Gentle Rain, Falling Shower.
Love and Passion upon the Breeze,
Life is too short, Not enough Ease.
Silence Drifting like the Soaring Gull,
Hear the waves against the Hull.
Starlight Glistens, a Guiding Light,
Truth and Serenity; Pallor of Night.
Upon this Shifting, Churning Tide,
A Breathless, Tantalizing, Lonely Ride.
Creature of the Rustling Sea,
Come and Share the Day with Me.
Walk with me Upon the Shore,
Hold my Hand and nothing More.
Until the Deep Beckons you Home,
I stand Alone ‘midst the Breakers Foam.



Beautiful original Merman artwork found at:


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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