A Celebration of #Harmony #Family and #Friendship


Summerfest III

As the seasons shifted , the fey of the light gathered together for a celebration of color and brightness. They dressed in glittering, bejeweled costumes; decorated their homes with sparkling lanterns, filled their porches and gardens with fresh fruit, crisp garden vegetables, sweet baked treats and sugary indulgences for any passerby to enjoy, and played a multitude of musical instruments in a discordant symphony of jubilant sound.

Summerfest 1

Parading along the avenues from home to home in dancing, fluttering, gleeful revelry, fey of all ages delighted in the company of their friends and family while eating and drinking the sweet temptations of the season, and at the end of the evening’s festivities, all fey, young and old, joined together to venerate the passing of the Season of Light.

Summer Triangle Thru Trees

They gathered in the Clearing of the Stars, where the forest canopy contracted and one could gaze up, out of the forest, into the glittering night sky enchanted by the glowing moon and the sparkling stars overhead. Together, they began the incantation of the changing seasons led by their village Celebrant, their voices subdued and solemn after a full day of laughing and singing. They paced through the intricate dance which marked the ending of the growing and gathering seasons and the beginning of the season of cold darkness with austerity.  Bowing, pausing, stepping, clapping, pausing, clasping hands, passing, turning, pausing, releasing, taking to wing, alighting and repeating until the midnight horns rang through the clear, cold night air. The sharp tones signaled more than just the ending of the day; they heralded a somberness that descended upon the village as silently as the first winter snow.

No longer would the days be warm and bright; they would be cold and bleak. No longer would the shushing of emeraldine leaves and the luscious scent of flowers fill the air; there would be only the creaking and groaning of barren branches in the icy gales of winter. No longer would the songs of thrush and cicada ring through the canopy overhead; there would only be silence and the scrunching of snow underfoot.

*** It is the time of year when the Fey of the Light celebrate and Honour the Sweet Joy of Harmony, Family and Friendship, I wanted to share this excerpt from Dark Fey The Reviled.****

Beautiful photographs found on: redbubble.com-, c2.staticflickr.com, gibbsfarm.net, widehdwalls.com and amazingsky.net

FIND The Reviled here:

Dark Fey The Reviled on Amazon/Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Reviled-Dark-Fey-Book-ebook/dp/B00RZMVNQQ
Dark Fey The Reviled on Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Fey-Reviled- Cynthia-Morgan/dp/1505413230


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