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If you’ve ever wondered what I listen to when writing, here’s some Music that helped Inspire the writing of Dark Fey

(Thanks to Richard Ankers for introducing me to this Fabulous group!!)


Turning the shadowy corner, she thought to press on, in spite of the many Legionnaires filling the encampment; crowding round its many sulfur braziers with faces half-covered to protect themselves from the malodorous fumes while hoping to extract some measure of warmth from the ineffectual fires.  Disguised beneath the veil of bent light she had cast round herself in order to traverse the dangerous avenues of the Uunglarda unseen, Ilys stepped onward lightly without a sound or any indication of her presence; yet as she came to the end of the street, where a black tent marked the Centurion’s quarters,  a Legionnaire in crimson leather strode purposefully into the middle of the street, stopped directly in her path, and glared at her.

She froze; catching her breath and refusing to breathe so not to give herself away as her mind spun, seeking some means of escape.  She remained invisible behind the ripple of light she bent round herself, but his crimson stare pierced into her from beneath a broad, brown leather bandana, which kept his shoulder-length, jet black hair from falling into his eyes.  In the mustiness and reek of the Bathracht encampment, he had turned the collar of his coat up and had cinched it tightly to avert some measure of the noxious fumes poisoning the air. He stood unmoving with his arms crossed assertively across his broad chest while, in an incongruously non-threatening gesture, his held his wings tightly folded behind him.

Hesitating long enough to make it clear that he was aware of her, regardless of her invisible guise; he stared at her fixedly and his crimson gaze sent a shiver through her.  Memory served her well, but in a realm where nearly all the inhabitants had blood-hued eyes, she could not distinguish him from the many other Legionnaires that had, at one time or another since her Integration, used her for sport or had been forced to do so.  Fear blended with anger that mixed with hatred within her, boiling into a rage that was nearly uncontrollable; still, she was not foolish enough to think she would be capable of injuring a Demonfey who towered nearly fourteen inches over her and whose physique boasted unmistakably of his strength.

“Yes, I can see you.”  His voice was little more than a hoarse whisper, but it sent a shudder through her that made her teeth chatter…..


A preview of Dark Fey:  Breaking Into The Light

The Epic YA Fantasy Trilogy Dark Fey is set in the fantastical realm of Jyndari, a world of beauty, magic, Bright Light and Devouring Darkness. It relates a story about the Life-changing Strength of Hope, the Value of Acceptance, and the world-changing Power of Forgiveness through a tale that is brutally beautiful.

The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

The Reviled: http://mybook.to/thereviled
Standing In Shadows: http://mybook.to/standinginshadows
Breaking Into The Light: http://mybook.to/BreakingLight






Inspiring Original Music by Within Temptation


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