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Delicately imbued

Saffron tinges of Memory


Essence of Harmony

Singing on the breeze

Whispers of Captivation

Melding as it Frees

Blithe Introspection

Enchanting through the Blush

Of Auburn Tresses Falling

Through the Tapestry

Of Hush.




This poem was the result of reading another poets work (Roland of www.rolandsragbag.wordpress.com), seeing One word or in the case of his work one image that sparked my Inspiration (that being the word Saffron) and immediately opening a word.doc to capture the words and phrases that tumbled through my mind. whether the poem makes any sense or not, I shall not say, but it was a wonderful exercise of Creativity I encourage you to try.



Beautiful Photograph found via Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original Photographer. Thank You~