In Perfect Time – #RomanticTuesday #NarrativePoetry

In Perfect Time 1

Soft the Light Glows in Yonder Window,
Filling and Calling to the Heart in me,
Fair the Dream Abiding within,
Always Kept so far from me.
Dreams are Golden Flagrant Flowers,
Shifting in the Dappled Night,
Yet when the Waiting turns Days from Hours,
Sweetest Patience bears a stinging Bite.

Hope Springs full in Gilded Glory,
Spanning Dreams and Reality,
Speaking in Dark Shades of Stillness,
Building Bridges of Synchronicity.
Rapid Falls this Pulse, Drumming,
Pounding Through my Heart and Mind,
Like a Brazen Musician, Gently strumming,
Playing Beat and Rhythm in Perfect Time.

Standing then on nothing less,
But Strongest Passion and wretched Guile,
Come I to your Window, Breathless,
With Bated words and Jaded Smile.
Harps of Angels Sing Thee Sweetness,
Strings of Melancholic woe Caress,
All the Hours I’ve Dreamed and Waited,
Coming now to a Moment like This.

Calling to your Heart from Darkness,
Staking claim to Love Untold,
Walking Bold upon the Shackles
Of Artless Love, Before it’s cold.
One Look from Thee and all Shall Be
Sweet and Harmonious Lethargy,
To Pause one Moment in your Shade,
To Speak one Golden hour with Thee.

Yet Speaking has Fair limits, bending
Mortal Thought to mortal Pleasure,
And when those words first spoken Softly,
Sour in the length of single measure
Then Action Prompts where Heartbeats pause,
And Brazen Impatience Scales the wall,
Climbing from this pit of sorrow
To Heaven’s Gate, where Petals Fall.

Dance, then in this Sumptuous Light,
Where moonbeams Kiss and candles Glow,
Ride with me on Passions Tide,
Braving the danger in Tempestuous flow.
Yet when the Daytide chides the night,
And Brightens those far eastern hills,
Let not Thy Words be masked in sorrow,
Let not Reality dull this Thrill.

For Love is fleeting and capricious can be,
Daylight mocks what Moonbeams Sing,
Yet for this Heart, no other Delights,
For this Love, none else can Bring
The Sweetest Succor of Thy Kiss,
Or the Flagrant Flames of Quick Desire,
Though Years shall melt like Newest Snow,
Eternity Shall Ne’re dull this Fire.

In Perfect Time 2

Beautiful photograph of Balcony found at
Beautiful Painting of Romeo and Juliet by: Frank Dicksee


    1. Since you said that, I had to give it a go. So often I write and post and don’t take time enough to enjoy my own writing. Thank YOU for reminding me to 😉

      So very Glad you like it 😉 Thanks ever so 🙂


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