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Lush Emeraldine 2

Beyond the Chasm of Earthly Tones,

Of browns and russets and sables,

A Broad, Viridian Enchantment Waits,

Filled with Magic and Mysteries and Fables.

Lush Emeraldine 3

Sweet Breath of Lusciously Verdant Hues,

Delicate Scent of Fragrant Green,

Pause, Close your eyes, Inhale Deep and Slow,

Beguile your senses with the Voluptuous Scene.

Lush Emeraldine 1

Walk Quietly among the Jade Symphony,

Listen, Enchanted, to Echoing Birdsong,

Lie back in the Plush Velvet Tapestry,

Dream Luxurious Dreams, Fair and Long.

Lush Emeraldine 4

Sigh in the Lush Emeraldine Embrace,

Forgetting Time, Abandoning Place.

Lush Emeraldine 5


Happy St. Patricks Day !

Beautiful Photographs found on Pinterest.  Credit Acknowledged to the Amazingly Talented Original Photographers. Thank You!