In the Moonlight – #RomanticTuesday Dark Fey #Teaser

In the Moonlight

Drawing her out of the Chamber of Jollity into the dimly lighted corridor beyond, he sought a secluded corner, pulling her urgently along with him until he came upon a window at the end of the long hallway.  There, in the luminous glow of moonlight, he turned round and embraced her with a deep moan, caressing her with the tips of his wings as their thoughts melded in sighs.  Running his hands along her arms, he grasped her more firmly, pulling her upward against him while he stared hungrily at her; then, he lowered his head to kiss her.



Moving barely an inch, waiting, then moving closer and pausing to wait once again, he listened keenly to the sound of her unsteady breathing and the less discernible hum of her aura as it began to sing. The touch of his lips upon hers sent a shudder through her that made her sigh sharply, as if she had never been kissed before, and she could not keep herself from leaning into his embrace as the ardor of their kiss deepened.  Her senses spun uncontrolled, expanding to encompass his as well as her own and, like the rush of the first spring tide, which consumes the shore upon which it is released, she became lost in the flood of their unified sensations, regardless of place or time.

Breathless and eager, he kissed her passionately, turning slowly round and stepping forward until her back was against the wall below the window.  Effortlessly, he lifted her so she could sit upon the deep windowsill, then he moved as closely as the barricade of the wall would permit, allowing his kiss to trail over her cheeks and chin, finding the soft, rushing pulse at her neck where her skin was more sensitive. Enticing and tempting on one side, then the other, with subtle bites and teasing touches of his tongue that sent her senses reeling; he moaned when she responded by leaning backward into his cradling arms, tilting her head back so that her hair cascaded over his hands as she sighed in the glimmering moonlight.

He was nearly overwhelmed by the intoxicatingly intimate sensations they shared through their mutual telepathic and empathic abilities, which he had never experienced with anyone previously, and she, equally overcome by the exquisite melding of their emotions and mingling sensations, had no measure of desire to deny his endeavor.

He drew a deep, shuddering breath and spoke to her softly through his thoughts alone.





… A Romantic Excerpt from Dark Fey:  Standing In Shadows…


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Beautiful Artwork found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Artist.  Thank You.



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