Synchronicity – #Metaphysical #Poetry



Whispers in the Silence, Ringing,

Depth of Time, Wordlessly Singing,

Sweet and True

To me

To You,

Unrivaled Synchronicity Upon Delicate Wings,

Truth Whispering Softly As the Unheard Sings.


I believe all that once was and all that can truly be Exists in each moment, waiting for us to See, Hear, Feel, and Understand.  Reality is nebulous, it wraps around us; it weaves through us. It Sings softly of All we ever need to Know, if we pause to Hear.  What is this Song that plays in the sub-conscious? From where does it spring and why are some able to Hear the Melody better than others?  This brief verse touches on all these thoughts.





Beautiful Original Photograph by:  Sairam Sundaresan


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