All That Glitters – #Poetry and #MeditativeThinking

All That Glitters


Parable of Sweet Enterprise

Perhaps Innocent

Perhaps Gleaming Guise

Yet Alluring Shimmers to my eyes

While others watch,

Dispassionately Wise;

Parable of Soft Lonely cries

Perhaps Long Spent

Perhaps to Despise

Though nothing of it openly Belies

All my Willfulness Defies

As Sagacity swiftly flies

And Those who watch,

Name it hapless Prize,

This Parable of Compromise.


Our lives are spun out like the stories we so often read, and if someone were to look back and read that tale, would it be one of openness and honesty or one shrouded in shadows and deceptive action?  Do we live according to what truly Leads us, or do we follow the crowd, living in contradiction of our True Self and compromising everything we could be?





Amazing Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You!

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