Hidden Blessings


I recently hosted an event where other writers had the opportunity to ask me questions about the journey from hobbyist writing to becoming an Indie Author; Published by a well-respected company, and/or landing Freelance writing opportunities; learning to navigate Social Media, networking with fellow writers, and creating a social presence or brand and more.  It was a delightful experience, but I was quickly made aware of just how Blessed I truly am, without realizing it!

Blessings are funny things, really.  We can look right past them and not even notice.  During the course of the day, answering all the questions I was Blessed to receive, I realized just how fortunate I truly am. So much has happened in so short a time (just 4 little years!) I’ve gone from not even knowing what a blog is, to having nearly 18K followers! I’ve gone from being an unknown author, to being a well-received, Indie; then published writer who has been Blessed with Awards, Excellent Reviews, and books that continue to sell (which is all a writer can truly hope for).  I’ve made more friends during this process than I truly realized and have developed a reputation for Kindness and Generosity without being thoroughly aware of it.

Thanks to Friends Like YOU, this journey has been an exciting and event-filled one, laden with Blessings! Thank You so much for being such a large part of my Blessings 🙂

You may be curious to know just what we chatted about, so I copied the Q&A from the Ask Me Anything Event for you to peruse.  If you have any of your own, please feel free to ask away 🙂

How would you go about selling one of your books as a movie idea?  

Hi Hugh 🙂  I am actually fortunate enough to know someone in the industry, so I have interest alreayd 😉  However, before a writer can sell his/her story, its crucial to have a fantastic screenplay.  Directors want to be able to visualize what your story is going to look like and know how much work is going to be involved in each scene.  The best way to convey that information is a screenplay. You can certainly pay someone to write it for you IF you have thousands of dollars at your disposal, but I’ve bought a few books and am learning the process for myself.  It will certainly take longer, but who can tell my story better than I?  Hope this is helpful? :)Thanks ever so much for joining the conversation! :)Best Success~ 


Do you give a “Preview” of your books to your family?  

Hi CessMee 🙂  I actually give Free Previews of my books to anyone who wants to try it out via my blog as well as the official Dark Fey Website (links Below).  My family got free copies of the entire books 🙂  Free Previews and Free copies are a great way to get your work into the hands of readers, who, WHEN they like it, will spread the word about your story for you.  Its a fantastic and easy marketing tactic :)Thanks so much for stopping in and chatting 🙂 

How can you say that you’ve reached the zenith of success?  

Hello Ana 🙂  I certainly cannot say that, and might never say that.  After all, Success is an ever-changing ocean of tides and eddys, currents that take you in one direction and then another.  Perhaps, if you’ve reached the goals you’ve set for yourself for writing or publishing you may consider that you’ve reached that zenith, but I would then suggest you set new goals 🙂

Thanks ever so much for stopping by and chatting.  Blessings~ 

Where is the best place for you to settle and allow creativity to flood in? 

Hi NicZ.  For me, this varies.  Sometimes it’s outside, sitting quietly amid nature or beneath the starry sky; sometimes its in my ‘writing room’ listening to music; sometimes inspiration hits right in the middle of watching a movie (usually something stirring or inspiring).  I’ve written a post on my blog about What Inspires Me and hope you might stop by and enjoy it.  What works best for you?Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting :)Blessings~ 

Which of your books gave you popularity and made you proud?  

Hi CBREEZYX3 :)I have to say the entire series has made me proud.  It is very rewarding to have written something that has a positive under-lying message, which is being So Well received by readers.  However, when I began this journey, I started off by posting out segments of book one, The Reviled, on my blog and that got the ball rolling.  All the positive feedback was Very encouraging to me and helped me to decide to publish it ;)Thanks ever so much for stopping in and chatting :)Blessings~  

How easy is it for you to manipulate word to form harmony, which resulted in poems? 

Hi Faye…GREAT Question.  I am very fortunate, indeed.  I am Blessed with (perhaps) a not so common ability to write poetry in moments.  Once Inspired, the Spirit sings (or the Muse Speaks, depending on your point of view) and very often it is all I can do to keep up.  Ive actually written a post on my blog that describes my writing process when this happens, if you are interested 🙂  https://booknvolume.com/2016/02/09/down-from-heaven-2/Personally, I think the most important thing about forming words into musical rhyme is not to be afraid of how someone else might perceive how you ‘sound’.  If you have a true Passion for words, harmony, and the music of poetry, let it play in the flow of your words.  Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting 🙂  Many Blessings~ 

Did socialization and community affiliation help you boost your book sales?  

Hi BrownRyan :)This is a good one, because I often wonder myself if social media really helps to increase sales.  I’ve even done some small tests on the subject, posting verses not posting and watching sales as a result and I have come to the determination that it does, in fact, help.  My own personal blog has helped me to forge new friendships, which in turn not only generate sales, but also word of mouth referrals, because friends make recommendations to their friends 😉   Facebook is a good avenue as well, through the use of groups I have been able to build additional alliances and network with other authors who can help spread the word about my books.  BUT, and I do beleive this is key, your interactions with other authors and readers need to be genuine.  I offer free author spotlights on my blog to help build friendships and support other writers.  I do reviews (and always make a concerted effort to give a positive review!) and I use Thursdays on my blog to Share other’s posts exclusively, rather than my own.   You will need to discover what works best for you and meshes with your own personality, but, when it’s all said and done, YES, the social media community has helped increase sales.Thanks so much for your question. I wish you all the best success :)Blessings~  

How passionate are you about relationships? Does this help you create your fantastic books?

Hi Karen :)I am a passionate person by nature, and I believe this shines through in my characters and writing.  I believe very strongly in honesty in relationships, and think that we are only ever truly complete when we find our ‘other half’.  Yes, I believe in Soul Mates, and I believe in Being The Miracle; treating others as I would want them to treat me, Karma, whatever you might call it.  I think my innate desire for harmony shines through in my writing, and even though I tried to create adversaries in Dark Fey, it ended up more harmonious than I expected, so to answer your questions, I believe it does help creating a believable and relateable realm.Thanks So much for your questions Karen 🙂  I truly appreciate you stopping by :)Blessings~  

What do you think is your most valuable asset as a writer?

Hello MBradShaw :)I believe my imagination/creativity is the most valuable, after all, without the ability to create out of nothing, I would find it very difficult to write.  I have learned throughout my life, however, that creativity ebbs and flows like a tide.  There are times when I can barely keep up with my whirling thoughts and other times when it seems there are none.  So, in addition to the gift of creativity, I would also say it is a very valuable asset to be able to understand that gift; to realize that it is not a boundless wellspring, but rather something that needs to be nurtured.  Creativity needs to be fed, just like the mind and spirit; and it also needs to rest.  Learning what fuels your own creative fire and how to feed it and allow it to recharge is intregral in being a successful, prolific writer…….at least, in my opinion ;)Thanks So Very Much for your question.  I hope my answer is of some help or insight.Blessings~  

Can you describe a scene from your dreamy evening?

Hi Robert 🙂  Im not entirely sure I completely understand your question, however I guess I could say that nearly all my poetry is a description of my dreams….and since I tend to write most often in the evening, that as well….here‘s one I like.

By the Breath of Twilight,

When Labours Cease and Silence,

For One Fleeting Measure,

Like the Soothing Caress of a Lover’s Hand

That in his Lightest Touch does Ease the Sorrows of the Day and Burdens of the Mind,

A Balm as Sweet as Dulcet Wine to the Lip and

As Fine as the Harmonious Melodies of the Lute,

Fills Each Lingering Breath with Sighs,

Dries the Water from these Searching eyes,

When in that Shifting Light, ‘neath the Lavender Whispers of Eventide,

I See Your Most Beguiling Smile.

. ~Morgan~

Hope this is what you were looking for 🙂  Thanks so much for asking!Blessings~ 

What is the secret to persevering challenges every writer has to hurdle?

Hello Karen :)OH that is a great question!  I am not sure I can tell you what THE Secret is, but I can tell you what has worked for me.  Firstly, I think it’s very important to Believe in what you are writing/offering. Believe in it’s integrity.  That can carry you a long way to building the bridge that helps you traverse the chasms of doubt, criticism, etc.  The support of family/friends/other authors and readers also help to span those gaps when we wonder if we are doing the right thing.  Do not allow the Light that Shines from within to be engulfed by the Darkness raging all around.  I often tell myself, the more opposition I come up against, the more powerful my offering must be and that helps to Inspire me.Trust in yourself and your writing.  I guess thats the Best advice I can give.  I hope it helps!Thanks so very much for stopping in :)Blessings~  

What has been your secret to winning those numerous awards?  

Hi RamirezErica :)Firstly, I’d have to say, Blessings!  I’ve been Blessed with a story that seems to speak to people.  It touches on relevant issues in a way that carries readers away into another place/time, and I suppose that is appealing.  Secondly, I did enter the New Apple Book Awards ‘contest’ in 2016, so submitting your work is also important.  If you feel you have something award-worthy, trust in it.  Trust in yourself and be Bold!  And Finally, I guess I have to say that the old adage is true “If at first you don’t succeed……”.  Keep Trying, Keep submitting your work. Dont Give Up.  Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting.  I do hope this may help to inspire you :)Many Blessings~  

You are such a creative soul, intrigued by mysteries. Are you also a hopeless romantic?


Hi Kelly 🙂  Yes, I absolutely am, though I like to say, I am a Hopeful romantic!  I do believe being a romantic at heart aids in writing/creativity and I think you may agree that most ‘artists’ are also romantics.  Whether you dream of a utopian socieity, finding your Soul Mate, or the possibility of life in another realm of existence, being a romantic gives you the ability to look beyond reality and dream of what may be better. Ultimately, that is what generates creativity.What do you dream about?  Do you use it in your own writing?  Thanks ever so much for asking:)  Many Blessings!  

What is the secret to persevering challenges every writer has to hurdle?

I am not sure I can tell you what THE Secret is, but I can tell you what has worked for me.  Firstly, I think it’s very important to Believe in what you are writing/offering. Believe in it’s integrity.  That can carry you a long way to building the bridge that helps you traverse the chasms of doubt, criticism, etc.  The support of family/friends/other authors and readers also help to span those gaps when we wonder if we are doing the right thing.  Do not allow the Light that Shines from within to be engulfed by the Darkness raging all around.  I often tell myself, the more opposition I come up against, the more powerful my offering must be and that helps to Inspire me.Trust in yourself and your writing.  I guess thats the Best advice I can give.  I hope it helps!Thanks so very much for stopping in :)Blessings~ 

What is the most effective technique for you to gain the spotlight in the social media world?


Hi Sandra 🙂  For myself, I have found that by connecting with other writers/artists through genuine conversations and by offering spotlights/reviews/guest blogging on my own blog, I have found reciprocal offers easy to come by.  You might call it networking; you may call it Karma, but I have found that others are far more liable to offer you an interivew or spotlight for your book if they already know and (hopefully!) like you 😉   The other, more obvious avenue (though usually less successful, by my counts) is asking.  Peruse other blogs and websites, see what they offer and what they are looking for; and if it meshes with what you are seeking to share, reach out to them.   Every new avenue helps to lay a foundation for you.  Each opportunity, no matter how seemingly insignificant, widens the path; so don’t be shy.  Believe in yourself and Be Bold.What have you found works best for you?Thanks ever so much for asking and visiting me today.  Delighted to meet you and wish you all the best !  

If I’d like to follow your footsteps, what golden nuggets of advice can you share with me? 


Hi Heenal 🙂  Im not sure if they are golden, but these are a few things that have worked for me.  Most Importantly, Believe in yourself.  Confidence shines through everything you do, just as doubt does.  Project what you want.  Speak your Successes.  Live your Dream.  Work Hard!  Thats something not everyone wants to hear, but its so very true.  I’ve put in countless hours that I will never be financially compensated for, but when you love what you do those hours don’t matter.  All of these are probably ‘no brainers’, but they are vital to any measure of success.  I suppose it should also be said that you shouldn’t expect to become the next J.K. Rowling.  If monetary gain is at the heart of your desires, you may be disappointed, but if you truly love the written word and believe in what you are sharing through your gift, whatever measure of  ‘success’ you achieve will be gratifying.  Finally, I’ve heard it said that you should strive to do something every day to work towards your goals.  A Journey of a thousand miles requires 10000 steps (probably more!) so be faithful to yourself and take them :)Does any of this make sense? Is there anything you’d like me to elaborate on more fully?Thanks so much for asking and I wish you the Best Success~ 

You must be a blithe spirit, easy to be cheered with simple things. How do you maintain such a disposition? 

Hello Rhoda 🙂 Yes, Yes I am, although I’ve never heard that specific phrase before. A Blithe Spirit.  I like it…and perhaps that speaks volumes about me.  I do enjoy the simple things.  I love Harmony, Peacefulness, Laughter, Love.  It’s certainly not easy to maintain such a perspective in a world filled with darkness and calamity, and I’ve surely had my own low moments; but I believe the best way to hold onto the Light is the seek the Light.  Fill your Spirit with what you want to Be, what you want to Project into the world, and what you want to Achieve.   If you seek Joy, you will probably Laugh.  If you follow after violence, you will probably end up angry and hateful.  For myself, I tend to read/watch things that uplift or feed the soul.  It might be something as simple as a Nature program or the London Symphony Orchestra playing Vivaldi.  I listen to beautiful music that Inspires.  I surround myself with Positivity and do not involve myself with destructiveness.  Its actually rather surprising how one Small Act of Kindness can feed your soul!  Just smiling can be its own inducement.  What about you Rhoda?  What cheers and Inspires YOU?Thanks ever so much for asking.  Many Sweet and Blitheful Blessings 🙂 

How did you attain overnight success? 

Hi Elena 🙂   It’s taken me four years (and counting!) to attain the limited measure of ‘overnight’ success I currently enjoy.  Many Many hours of ‘unpaid’ and unapplauded work, as well as a great deal of Self Motivation has gone into this and I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy.  Every day I look for a new opportunity, and I try to make a concerted effort to give something back each day (or at least each week lol) as well.  Success after all, is a relationship, just like anything else.  Its the offspring of your relationships with readers, other writers, and even those who decide they don’t like what you are doing/offering.  I guess, Id also say that being prepared for the blockages that may appear in the road and accepting that it isn’t an easy journey are keys to making that journey prosperous, but its also important to define what form of prosperity you are seeking?  It’s taken me a lot of years of dreaming to realize that I am truly happy NOT being the next J.K. Rowling.   So what measure of success are you looking for?  What will make YOU truly happy?Thank you so much for chatting.  Many Blessings~ 

Are you open to sharing your expertise and tips to budding authors or rising stars?  

Hi Marsha. Yes, always.  Success is no secret and the best piece of advice I can, and usually, give is Work Hard and Believe.  I have written blog posts about ‘success’; I’ve talked about what I’ve done and am doing in interviews and in private conversations and am Blessed to continue to find friends who want to share their own experience and ideas.  Its an ever-changing ‘model’, success, and Im also open to what others have to say.  What are you doing that is working? What’s not working?  And is there anything specific you’d like to know that I might share? Thanks so much for asking 🙂  I wish you all the very best~   

How does one get over a writer’s block? 


Hi Geekeeme :)Writers Block, in my experience, is just your mind’s way of asking you to rest.  Just like the body, your creative processes require rest and refueling.  Very often, I take time away from writing and allow the silence full reign.  Do other things that you truly enjoy.  Listen to Music, Read, go for long walks, whatever you find Inspiring, because during the quiet interlude, you may hear the whisperings of The Muse, leading you in a new direction perhaps.  The Words will return.  It may take longer than you want, but try not to fill the void with frustration or forced writing.  Give yourself time away and allow your creativity time to renew itself.  Hope this helps 🙂


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