Be Not Afraid – #Poetry of #Inspiration

Be Not Afraid


Though the jagged edge of

Fear and Doubt

Fill the Heart with Trepidation,

Though the wrenching Memory of

Past pains

Rush in to demoralize and devastate,

Though the innate Desire to Protect

Yourself, Your Heart,

Builds a wall that secludes and separates;

Be Not Afraid.

Stand Upon the Mountain

Of Your Hope,

Reach for the Glittering Sparkle

Of Possibility,

Embrace Your Spirit

By Filling Your Heart

With the Love for which it Longs,

With the Laughter it Seeks,

With the Keen Delight for which it Yearns,

If only for the briefest moment in Time,

For Moments are what Fill a Life,

Sparkling Gemstones of Precious Memory,

And Shadowy jet lignite of Challenges

Contrasting in Shimmers that make those

Diamonds of Joy and Contentment

Glimmer even more Brightly;

Be Not Afraid!

Sing into the Vast Expanse,

Shine Your Beautiful Light,

And Be at Peace with



In these hours of fear, hate and demoralization, I felt this piece Spoke a message that needed to be repeated.  Blessings of Peace my Friends!





Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You!

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