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Today I shall embark upon another year of Poetic Inspiration!  Crazy? Probably, but Marvelously Rewarding as well.  After an entire year of Haiku, one might think the prospect of staring at another full year of prompted writing would be daunting, and one might be right (or Write, depending!) However, if you know anything about me at all, it’s that my love for words and poetry is nearly as boundless as my delight in finding new ways to express that wealth of emotion.

SO, today marks Day One out of 365 in the Idyll Poetry Daily Challenge!!!

What is an Idyll poem?  Funny you should ask.

An Idyll poem is a short poem that creates a story and paints a picture of everyday life, while making things that at first seem simple much more important. In a world that always seems to be moving so fast, this type of poem is great because it helps the poet and the reader to appreciate the small things in life. Sometimes, you just need to stop and smell the roses!

Quick stats

Idyll poems are short: Approx. 16 lines
Topics focus on the importance of the small things in daily life
Ingredients usually include: People and animals in a natural surroundings
Dates back to: Ancient Greece **

Sounds Perfect! After all, much of my own poetry and writing evolves around the principles of Finding Calm, Enjoying Nature, and Living Harmoniously, so what could be better than a year’s worth of poetry lauding the same?

As such, each day I shall select an image that Inspires and allow the Spirit of Expression free reign!  I hope you will enjoy what that Spirit Inspires and might choose to Sing Along!




Walking in the garden

Beneath the blushing auburn sky,

Gaze blissfully enraptured,

Heart enigmatically wondering why;

Why should it be so challenging

To Walk and See the Grandeur

Of this Diamond Simplicity

In riches named so poor?


Upon the burnished red-bud

Blooming in sweet glory;

Lilting through the music

Of the Sparrow’s humble story;

Caroling in timeless refrain

Through gilded star-lit skies,

Through these simples Blessings

The Spirit Laughs and Sighs!




** Italicized Excerpt taken from  http://www.powerpoetry.org **


Beautiful Photograph found on Google.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original photographer.  Thank You~