The Power of Positivity – #Inspirational #MeditativeThinking


“How it is that animals understand things I do not know,
but it is certain that they do understand.
Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words
and everything in the world understands it.
Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak,
without even making a sound, to another soul.”

~Frances Hodgson Burnett

This beautiful quote is something I have always believed, but could not express in quite such a poignant and beautiful way. This Spirit of Harmony; this Essence of Unified Understanding lives and breathes within each of us.  It Speaks softly in whispers we often overlook or ignore.  It sings gently in lilting tones and shifting hues that sparkle in our smiles and warms our hands when they reach out to Give.  It reigns in the unselfish offerings of charitable help we offer just as it abides in the balm of a morning breeze and nestles amid the lavender shadows of twilight, seeking to soothe, if only we would allow it to touch us.

We rush ‘hither and thither in restless haste’*; we fill our thoughts, our vision, and our hearing with a jumble of noises that usually neither build up nor restore what is torn down through the day to day struggle of existence; yet given a moment’s pause to gaze upon something relatively simple, we are enthralled.  Why should it be that a beautiful sunset speaks to so many with a wordless reverie?  Why is it that the ocean’s sigh captures our breathless stares?  What is it about the crackle of a fire, the smell of the smoke, that is so intoxicating that it draws in man, woman, child and furry creatures alike?  Is it merely a primal memory of comfort and safety or is it something more?

Is it, perhaps, the connection point of our corporeal reality and the intangible whisperings of the Essence?  Is that quiet moment, which draws us out of our restless haste, that speaks loudest to us because it is, in fact, the place where we are, at last, in Harmony with everything? Is this moment capable of transcending because it is the fulcrum between flesh and spirit?

Perhaps it is at this pivotal moment, when Harmony is Unified, that we should be seeking the Peace for which we yearn.  Perhaps if asked when our bodies are quiet and our spirits are still, the power of this coalescence of physical and spiritual could be unleashed.  Perhaps….

How often have you heard it said, “If only we could all just get along.”  What if we really could?  The only true way of achieving Peace is by becoming Peace, so is it up to us to take that first step?  Are we, in fact, the responsible party?  Consider for a moment if each and every one of us, or at the very least a great majority, would take that consequential step towards a lasting Harmony?  How, one might ask, does one take that first step?  What can a single person do to shift the tide of hatred and violence flooding over our planet?

It is said a journey begins with a single step.  Perhaps that step is simply a change of mindset.  Choosing to smile, rather than growl.  Deciding to let the other guy go first, even when we are in a rush.  Patiently waiting when another is not as speedy as we might be.  Perhaps it is also a daily reminder to self of the change we’ve chosen; in the form of a meditation, or prayer. One that holds the power of positivity.

Universal Love, Spirit of Harmony, Essence of Peace, Guide our Perceptions as a people; a nation; a world, to blend in a Unified Consciousness of Harmony and Peace.  Teach us to Share the Love that lives and breathes all around us through acts of Kindness we do not turn aside from; through Gentleness of Spirit and Enduring Patience.  Shift our desires from all the cruelty and selfish motivations that overwhelm the innocent and the mild so we may Abide in Love and Peace, Hope and Joy.

Blessings to you my Friends~




  • Quote taken from A Christmas Carol by  Charles Dickens


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