#DarkFey The Reviled #5Star #BookReview and #FREE offer


Dark Fey The Reviled recently received this wonderful 5-Star Review from a UK Reader And I am so Thankful 🙂  It’s always more delightful than even I, with my gift of words, can often describe, to read how much people enjoy this story.  
“The Reviled is a beautifully written tale wrought with magic, intrigue, and danger. Cynthia A. Morgan adopts a wonderfully descriptive tone leaving lasting impressions of all she describes. She creates an imaginative world complete with lore, beautiful scenes, and interesting characters all enhanced by a well-developed plot. As the first book in a trilogy it also serves to set a scene for the next book, which promises to be every bit as gripping as this one!”
You can read the full review here  
Dark Fey The Reviled is also currently FREE!!!   
Some additional reviews:
You can discover more about Dark Fey at its official website All Things (Dark) Fey


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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