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Unyieldingly, this Passions burns

Quietly from within,

A Tempestuous Gale

Of smoldering Wind

Stirring the embers of

Liquescent fire;

Senses reeling higher,

Then higher!

Oh, how this Yearning

Steals into the night,

Filling the darkness with

Ravenous sight,

Seeking for you

Through the stillness and calm,

Waiting, Breathless,

For the rapturous balm

Of Your Touch, Of Your Guile

Of Your Deliberate Kiss;

Long shall I Wait,

While burning like this

As the Unyielding Passion Burns

And the velvet night slowly turns,

Alone amid the shadows and hush

While my burning thoughts Rush!






Beautiful photograph found on Google.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original photographer and models.  Thank You~