Action Reaction – #Inspirational #Writing on #LasVegasShooting


Yet another tragic shooting has assailed our land, leaving hundreds injured or lost.  My sadness at this senseless act of hatred and violence cannot be nullified.  The simple, sad truth is that we seem to live in a society that hates first and argues second.  We lay blame and point fingers.  We turn tragedy into anger so we can rationalize retaliation.  We bite the hand that feeds us and then complain when there is no food.

I have heard the exclamation more than once: “How could God let this happen?” Or “Where was God when this was happening?”  It matters very little who you Believe God to be; perhaps what is more relevant is, Do You Believe in the Existence of Absolute Love?  I am not here to try to prove the existence or non-existence of such a universal essence; rather, I am writing to share a possible explanation or answer to that outcry.

When prayers for Peace seem to go Unanswered, should we not remember that we are the ones taking God / Absolute Love out of everything?

God / Absolute Love is no longer welcome in our schools, our work places, our government, even our entertainment, and many of our homes.

Where there is Light, there is Dark.  Where there is Life, there is Death.  Action, reaction: it’s a fundamental law of nature.  So, with so many doors closing to God / Absolute Love, is it any wonder the opposite has found a foothold?  When we push love away, do we not leave room for the opposite to fill the void?

What is the solution?


Think it, Feel it, Act it, Share it.  After all, the only way to Achieve Peace, is to become Peace.

Isn’t it?


In loving remembrance of ALL those who have felt the reaction of the loss of Love; those affected by shootings, violence, hatred, and negativity.

May LOVE Re-Fill the void!




  1. Very inspirational, Morgan! You’ve hit the nail on its head. The Devil/Deceiver stirs up contention and lies. Until we resist him by turning to God/Absolute Love, we will find our world a sad place to live.

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