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In this sweet hour2

Oh this Sweet Hour!

As the candles Glow in blossoms of Delicate Light,

As the Heavens slowly turn above

And the Sweet Sigh of the ocean

Sings her Serenade to Our hearts;


In this Sweet Hour,

Let Your Embrace be Sovereignty to me,

All in All in All,

Beguiled by Your Warmth

As the Lingering Night

Cascades in Lush ribbons All Around Us;

In This Sweet Hour,

Let Your Gentlest Touch

Send my every sense Spiraling;

As the Intoxicating Music of Your every Breath

Captivates like Exquisite Oeuvre;

Oh my Love, my Heart, my Soul!

One with me,


Touch Your Perfect Mouth to mine;

Caress me with Your Most Pleasing Kisses

Until I forget how to Breathe

In This Sweet Hour!






Beautiful Photograph found via Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You!