#FridayFantasy – Crimson Glitters – #FlashFiction #Fantasy #Preview


Crimson glitters scattered darkness into the night; fire and flame cascading through the silence.  The quiet environs of forest would never be the same.  Not after He had been there, shaking his hatred outward, spreading abhorrence and cruelty like seeds being sown into fertile soil; like sparks scattering from a raging flame.

They stood in mute horror, watching the conflagration as it stretched outward from his hands, crimson glitters of malevolence reaching into their tranquility, seeking only devastation.

Yet one stood against the infiltration; deep viridian staring boldly into the scarlet haze, wielding a magic Evil could never comprehend.



A 100-Word Preview of Dark Fey:  Breaking Into the Light, book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy.

Discover more about Dark Fey here


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Beautiful photograph by:  Vijaya Sundaram





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