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Shades of Thought, Quietly Transcending,

Lilting Echoes of Light, Bending,

Song of Ancient Memory, Sing,

Paradox unto Thy Companion, Bring;

Whispers of the Daytide, Softly Borrow,

Forgotten until the Rise of Tomorrow,

While All the world beneath Thy Haze,

Nod their heads in a Blissful Daze.

True Companion, Ever Tending,



Silently Bending,

Beguile and Tempt; With Starlight Infuse,

Employ Thy Gaze to Lovingly Confuse.


Blue Moon


In Honour of Today’s Rare Blue Moon.
Beautiful Original Artwork by Sheila Wolk. Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank You!