Silence Sings – #RomanticTuesday #Love #Poetry

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Hush my Darling,
Draw Close
Without a word,
While all the Night Whispers
One Sweet Chord,
In the Stillness with You,
My One,
My Only,

Silence Sings her Intangible Song,
Yet my Heart Knows,
This is where I Belong,
Beside You My Love,
In this Fair hour of Night,
Beneath the Gentle Heaven’s Glistening Light,
As Moonbeams Sing,
And Our Spirit’s Ring,
Soft Serenades Begin
From the twilit shadows
Where Mystery Falls,
Yet I fear nothing,
Tremble not;
You Are
All in All.

Silence Sings
Her Sweet Melodious Rhyme,
Through Heartbeats,
Through Ages
Of Indistinct Time,
With You beside me,
As Midnight imbues,
Her shifting, hypnotic, velveteen hues;
Love Sings in this Silence,
A Timeless Sweet Song,
Never Hurried,
Unbreakably Strong.

.The Music and Muse category by Morgan shares Poetry and the Music which Inspired it.

Beautiful Original Music Arvo Pärt Spiegel Im Spiegel performed by Daniel Hope and Simon Mulligan


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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